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 ACRYPET(R) Acrylic resin

ACRYPET is the registered mark of methacrylic resin of Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation., comprehensive manufacturer of methacrylic resin. Methacrylic resin has the top grade of transparency among plastic and various excellent characteristics such as weather resistance, chemical resistance, good hardness, and beautiful appearance. Such the excellent characteristics allow to offer the wide range of application fields such as automobile, building materials, electric appliance, optical product, and also application for every phase of daily life. This resin is a high-grade material so called 'Queen of Plastic'.

Our company has developed the industrialization of methacrylic resin with our own technology first in Japan and stayed at the top company of this industry all the time. We have developed the MMA monomer production with the direct oxidation method first in the world. Since then, we have achieved the largest production capability domestically and also been one of the largest in the world.

ACRYPET is produced totally from our MMA monomer that is the top-level brand in the world at both its quantity and quality. We, further, have endeavored constantly to develop various kinds of high-grade material such as Impact Modified Grades ACRYPET IR to satisfy diversified needs and acquire customers’ trust in full range.

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